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We offer a wide range of services from wedding dress cleaning to just ironing services. If you are unsure, give us a call or bring your garments in and we'll see what we can do. ​

Our clients range from local parishes to local trade businesses. Look out for our monthly specials!


Wedding gowns represent one of the most important days of your life. One which will evoke memories you will treasure forever. The cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress is our primary concern. 

Intricate beading, long trails and multiple layers will be meticulously cleaned before being placed in a box with acid-free paper to preserve your beloved gown. Prices start from $299 to clean and box your dress.


Whether a corporate event or dinner party, leave your tablecloths and fine linen with us. We soak your linen in large tubs to remove stubborn stains, and then gently wash to erode anything from food stains to candle wax. All linens are then hand and machine finished, folded on hangers and ready for your next event.


Skirt too long? Ripped your trousers? Need a new zip? We do plenty of alterations at North Perth Drycleaners. All our staff are professionally trained in taking your measurements.


Leather and suede garments need special attention when cleaned. The delicacy of these items means there is a risk of damage if the utmost care is not taken.

At North Perth Drycleaners, we use wet cleaning methods to ensure the natural oils of the leather are returned. Leather and suede jacket prices begin at $95.00


Wet cleaning is a new method of cleaning garments which relies on water and biodegradable detergents in a computer-controlled process that regulates temperature, pH and agitation to clean each garment as gently and thoroughly as possible.

Wet cleaning is perfect for using on any garment such as: silk, cashmere, woollens, and other fine delicates including your feathered duvets.


Feather duvets  & sheepskin underlays require thorough cleaning in order to rid them off bed mites, accumulated dead skin and odours. North Perth Drycleaners specialises in eliminating any bugs, removing allergens and neutralising odours. Cleaning only takes 2-3 days. Come in today to give your duvet a good clean.

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